Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quote from the Creator of The Good Wife Supper Club

The Good Wife Supper Club She knows my heart.....

"Angela Hirst* once told me that my cooking style was wholesome.  When I made food, attention was paid to everything and it was lovingingly brought together and presented as a whole, beautiful dish.  I have thought about that many times, when I reflect on why it is I cook.  I don’t cook because I think I am the best or extrodinarily gifted.  I cook because I am chasing after this ideal of what good food can mean – health, pleasure, connection to persons and seasons, culture, inspiration, etc, etc.  I want all the beauty food can bring because life is hard sometimes.  Like now, it’s hard.  I worry about what I’m going to cook and  I worry about life, and then I start cooking and it brings my focus to the pleasure of my simple tasks at hand – make soup, chop this, roast that, whip that over there.  And then I am consumed in a world of comforting smells and satisfying bites, sharing with others, and it makes me feel whole."

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