Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have a confession, I have an obsession....

Adele, like most of us, has stolen my heart and I can't get enough.  Neither can the CD player in my car, my computer at work, or my Iphone.  Somehow, we were able to score tickets for her Ryman show in a few months (not somehow was Bruno magic).  She hits all the essential elements for me.  Sultry sound, R&B influence, reminiscent of the 60's style.  I even adore her use of fake eyelashes and beehive-esk hair styles.  I love loving her for just being her.  Her talent is impeccable and she strikes me as a woman who is just doing what she does best.  Not over produced, just genuine, my favorite kind of everything in this world.

Check out this incredible NPR "Tiny Desk Concert".  Did I mention I also admire her sheepish humility too?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

How To Be Alone

I know a lovely lady named Ellen and she recently shared this video on her blog.  Ben is out of town until Monday and he goes on trips very often.  In the last 5 years or so I have forgotten how to take joy in being alone.  Perhaps it is because when I lived in Chicago I was surrounded by people but felt more alone than ever and I don't like revisiting that feeling.  Lately I have decided not to revisit it, but redefine it instead. 

This video very much illustrates my new mindset and even gave me some more ideas that I am excited and motivated to try out while I am alone.  I especially love the dancing one, although I'm not sure I am brave enough for that one just yet.  If it wasn't pouring outside I would take that hike but instead I am going to visit the library stacks (not uncommon for me) and then curl up with some Sleepytime tea and a book.  Maybe even the one my friend Annie Downs wrote...(From Head to Foot).  From here on out, every time I am worried or anxious about being alone, I am going to re-watch this video and feel strong.  In the past few days while Ben has been away I've reconnected with old friends (I get to hang out with a old high school buddy 6th grade boyfriend...ooh lala...and his beautiful new girl), I have seen some incredible music, I finished one book, caught up on my trashy TV, cleaned my room (still working on this one), and plan for much more. 

I always prefer having Ben by my side, but it is important for both of us that my inner joy is satisfied and he can enjoy his time away without having to worry about me.  Although I am sad to miss beautiful Katie Bruno's senior vocal recital at The U, and an opportunity to see Ben's family, so far, this trip has been lovely. 

Poem written and Performed by Tanya Davis who I know want to get to know.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quote from the Creator of The Good Wife Supper Club

The Good Wife Supper Club She knows my heart.....

"Angela Hirst* once told me that my cooking style was wholesome.  When I made food, attention was paid to everything and it was lovingingly brought together and presented as a whole, beautiful dish.  I have thought about that many times, when I reflect on why it is I cook.  I don’t cook because I think I am the best or extrodinarily gifted.  I cook because I am chasing after this ideal of what good food can mean – health, pleasure, connection to persons and seasons, culture, inspiration, etc, etc.  I want all the beauty food can bring because life is hard sometimes.  Like now, it’s hard.  I worry about what I’m going to cook and  I worry about life, and then I start cooking and it brings my focus to the pleasure of my simple tasks at hand – make soup, chop this, roast that, whip that over there.  And then I am consumed in a world of comforting smells and satisfying bites, sharing with others, and it makes me feel whole."