Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have a confession, I have an obsession....

Adele, like most of us, has stolen my heart and I can't get enough.  Neither can the CD player in my car, my computer at work, or my Iphone.  Somehow, we were able to score tickets for her Ryman show in a few months (not somehow was Bruno magic).  She hits all the essential elements for me.  Sultry sound, R&B influence, reminiscent of the 60's style.  I even adore her use of fake eyelashes and beehive-esk hair styles.  I love loving her for just being her.  Her talent is impeccable and she strikes me as a woman who is just doing what she does best.  Not over produced, just genuine, my favorite kind of everything in this world.

Check out this incredible NPR "Tiny Desk Concert".  Did I mention I also admire her sheepish humility too?


  1. I can't believe you got Ryman tickets! I'm so jealous. They sold out so fast. If you have any to spare, my friends and I will gladly take them:)

  2. Ben had 2 screens up and he did it! He was actually going to propose the night of the concert and then it got postponed! He did it anyway.