Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Day in the Life

Taken from one of my favorite blogs:  Very Culinary

Weather outside: According to my Iphone 75 degrees and sunny.  (It's rainy in my head though...been a little bit of a sadness day for me, woke up weepy and too reflective.  ADDITIONALLY  a cicada was in my car and some church lady thought I was crazy when I pulled my car over frantically begging her to get it out.  I might note I did not have a clue who this said church lady was.  BLESS HER.)

On my desk: Papers, files, things I have failed to keep organized, I'm working on all this today.

On my lap: I wish I could say a puppy but truly there is nothing on my lap unless you count my pants.

On my feet: Old flats that I want to replace but can't afford to.  *Sigh*

On my nightstand: Eat, Pray, Love.   So far I love it.

On my mind: How I can get more involved, more active, strengthen my friendships, etc.

In my Amazon shopping cart:  I'm more a library girl...

In the Netflix queue: Legend's of the Fall, Out of Africa, and The Sandlot

In the oven: So far this week it was more crock pot Pot Roast and Rotisserie Chicken in my Ronco...

In my ears: My book on tape House Rules by Jodi Picoult

In my tummy: Leftovers :-)

In my future:  Tonight Zumba with my favorite...Lorenza!  

On tap for dinner: Probably a quick pasta night since it's just me BUT tomorrow I am making either curry chicken or bison flank steak!

Latest obsession: Looking forward to my debt being paid off and these Pottery Classes!!

Happy Thursday, everyone! What’s on your nightstand? In your Netflix queue? In the oven?

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