Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ellie's Run - OMG I'm running a 5k!!

Get this, I, Libby Marshall, am running a 5 K. OK, ok, I know you marathon runners/triathaloners out there are laughing at me but I don't care. A 5 K is a pretty big accomplishment for this lazy girl. In fact getting me off the couch/out of the bed, down the stairs, and to my car is a big accomplishment. Let's not kid ourselves. But here I am, running a 5K.

Ellie Ambrose is an inspiring young woman. At the age of 10 she decided to do something about poverty in Africa. She created this run and here it is, five years in the running (no pun intended), stronger than ever and helping put more clothes on children's' backs, food in their mouths, and education in their lives. If I am going to run I can't think of a cause I would be more passionate about. That's what's going to get me through this little 5K. Maybe someday it will be what gets me through a marathon. We all know Ellie and the children of Africa have been through one.

If you would like to support my run please visit


  1. How did the run go? My sis wants me (ME!) to run one at the end of August with her - but she's a runner now - and a soon-to-be mother-of-four! Just curious!

  2. It went great! My time was 40 minutes which I thought was awesome for my first 5K! You should totally do it. It's very rewarding.