Tuesday, August 2, 2011

God will always provide.

Last week was the hardest week of my life.  Ben took me to the hospital very early Tuesday morning and I was diagnosed with a kidney stone.  I will spare you the gory details but I will just tell you that, after literally writhing in pain for hours, and then having to go through more pain spells over the following few days, I am more grateful than ever to be rid of the stone, be back to work, and for the most supportive and loving man by my side.

All that being said, I missed 3 full days of work.  My vacation time doesn't renew to September.  Leave it to me to have an emergency in the last month of my vacation days when the three I have left have been so carefully banked for a lovely trip to Chicago with Ben to see friends, family, and my 10 year HS reunion.  That's just the way it goes though.  Add in the new medical expenses and, needless to say, I was really worried about money in general and for our trip.

I went to church on Sunday morning and I prayed to God in worship.  I didn't ask for anything in particular, just took the time to spend with Him.  I remember struggling over giving my tithe.  I prayed about how much I could afford in my giving and decided to give as much as I could even if it was hard.  God had brought me out of a really hard place.  I remember thinking, "This is one way I give back to God for His blessings, and the blessings to come, however they will present themselves."  I try not to be a reluctant giver.  Please don't think I am trying to get credit for my actions here, it's just that this personal detail is applicable to the rest of my story.

Yesterday, I came back to work and my boss, in his true generous and wonderful fashion offered to let me work extra hours to make up for my lost time.  I was so happy to hear this and it really relieved so much stress.  I thought I was going to have to go back to the restaurant and pick up shifts to make up the difference (something I am trying hard to not have to do) but now I have a way.

Then the most miraculous thing happened.  I got a card from a client that we worked with to get her home rented.  We only work in sales and usually help our sellers find rentals only as a favor to them since we don't get paid in the process as there is no real commission standard for rentals in TN.  It's hard work to find a renter and often involves more work than even finding a buyer does.  I had done a lot for this seller in finding her a renter but I never expected a personal thank you from her, this just hasn't happened before in this job.

So I get this card, thanking me for my work, and there is a check inside with my name on it!  Just when I was down and out, just when I thought I wasn't going to be able to do the things I planned in Chicago with Ben, just when I thought the lost work and medical expenses were going to swallow me alive, there was God, working through this lovely woman to bless me and to bring me home.  I truly believe this was God's work in my life, the timing was so uncanny.  Always give praise!

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